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Aryav Bothra 



Aryav Bothra is a high school junior from the suburbs of Chicago. He is an editor of his school online news-magazine, The Howl, and is a published author with books currently available on Amazon. He enjoys traveling to various countries and is extremely excited to be a part of Project Exchange and write stories on Digital Exchange Program participants. He is also the head website manager and designer of the Intersect! Find his work in the "Digital Exchange Program" tab located on the navigation bar!

Tanya Singh



Tanya "Jade Vine" Singh is a non-binary writer, poet & editor from Chandigarh, India. They are the author of Heaven is Only a Part of Our Body Where All the Sickness Resides (Ghost City Press, 2018). Their work has been recognized by the Times of India, Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs, among other places. They appreciate you wholeheartedly.

Maria Theodoras


Maria Theodoras is 15 years old and attends an international school in Sweden. She was born in Dallas, Texas to an Italian mother and an American father with Greek heritage. She has been immersed in many different cultures from the beginning of her life and continues to enjoy learning about different cultures to this day. 

Sydney Barragan



Sydney Barragan is a 17 year old writer from Southern California. She currently writes for Scotty the Mag and Lune Mag, and has work published in Local Wolves. Also passionate about pursuing photography and journalism, she hopes that her writing will depict others stories in ways that make these stories feel alive to their readers. She is super excited to be a part of Project Exchange's The Intersect and is eager to encourage the importance of sharing culture and experiences.

Blessing Stephen



Blessing Stephen is 17 years old. She was born and still lives in Nigeria, where she is currently working towards going to university. She loves Nigerian culture and is passionate about sharing it to the world. Writing is a part of her, and she loves it! 

Hina Matsumoto




Hina Matsumoto is a high school junior who is passionate about writing, reporting, and an avid traveler. She loves learning more about different cultures and hopes readers can also experience the same through writing.

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